A Continuous Improvement Company

We value client satisfaction extremely highly and we are responsive to customer requests for additional features and products. If you have any ideas or suggestions then the team at bbAppLabs would love to hear from you <click here>

Custom Development

bbAppLabs dedicated services team can deliver personalised, bespoke enterprise applications fully integrated with Bloomberg for your organisation.

We can also provide custom integration services for Bloomberg and training to enable your in-house team to leverage our proven market leading technology set.

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About the bbAppLabs team

All key executives at bbAppLabs have over 25 years experience in capital markets and software design. Quantitative risk management expertise spans interest rates, credit, currency, equity,  commodity and energy markets.  There is also a deep understanding of high frequency and low latency technologies within the team.

Software developed by bbAppLabs principals is used in hundreds of financial organisations and trading floors across the globe.

About bb App Labs

bbAppLabs is a special purpose company established to create applications for the Bloomberg Application Portal. We are a niche provider of software and on demand quantitative consulting services to the global financial services industry. The company is focused on delivering risk analytics & integrated visual trading tools for professional traders and risk managers. Our software is developed by Market Practitioners for Market Practitioners. We specialize in integrated software for Bloomberg and can produce bespoke applications for Bloomberg Professional clients.

Global Bonds – international bonds software

Relative value analysis tool for liquid sovereigns

World class risk analytics & integrated trading tools


Market Map

Market Map provides a real time holistic view of markets and movements while also providing a rapid path into index and stock analysis.